Mommycab Confessions: “The Talk”


I am having the ultimate dilemma of determining when is the appropriate age to have “The Talk” with my 11 year olds? I get it, they understand their body parts, inappropriate touching, female anatomy and respect for personal space, but at what point do we start to discuss the feelings associated with sexuality? I pride myself on being open with my boys and hope that I have created a dialogue of honesty and candidness. At the very least, I have created a tradition of talking to them about sexuality every birthday since the age of 5, but how do I make the jump from the abstract to the feelings associated with sexuality? The balance is a struggle. I want them to learn everything they can from what is taught at home and not get the messages and images streamed from our media and their friends. I want to make sure that I stress to my sons the importance of such responsible actions and the feelings that are associated with their actions. I also want to validate any feelings and dispel any myths or misconceptions about young ladies they may come across. Lastly, I want to continue the healthy dialogue of sexuality without coming off as Stalin. I guess there is no really “right” way, I just have to dive right in (gulp)!

Introducing “teachable” moments regarding sexuality come quite frequently thanks to the some of the images we have around us, so I will use those as well as some of the resources below:


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! – A Renewed You

I want to wish everyone a happy intro into 2011. I always look forward to a new year. For one, it means I have lived to see another year and two, it makes me reflect on the previous year and examine how I can improve going forward. Now, I don’t “do” new year resolutions, but I do look forward to improving my life and the lives of my little ones going forward.

I have set some personal goals for 2011 and am excited about what the year may bring.

Have you set any goals for this year?
Are you working toward your goals that started in 2010?
Do you want to restart the goal you started in 2010?

Let make this year productive..

Holiday Shopping Anxiety

Introducing Maxi!
First off, let me apologize for taking so long to post. We adopted a new dog, her name is Maxie and she has kept me very busy. We found her at the Washington Animal Rescue League in DC (WARL) and we were extremely pleased with our adoption process and new addition.


Now on to business… Is it just me or do the holidays create anxiety for some of us? My children are now at the age where they have outgrown all of the “baby games and toys” and are in that awkward age of “tweener”. Although they act true to their age, the days of simple toys and board games no longer hold their interest for more than 3 days. Now, I am not amenable to getting them some of the latest gadgets/electronics, but be mindful they are still at the age where “keeping up with and taking care of your stuff” is still somewhat foreign.

In trying to combat some of my shopping anxiety, I have created a shopping template to keep my self sane and still allow the kids to receive the gift they most desire.

(1) Educational Toy
(1) Electronic/Gadget
(1) Unexpected
(1) Most needed item

Of course I will make adjustments if need be, but this is a great way to keep organized and keep your holiday shopping sanity.

Mommy-cab Confession 2: Does Santa Exist?


As we get closer to the Holidays, there are some conversations that seem to be on repeat. “Mommy.. does Santa really exist”? This question has been gnawing at the brain of my 7-year-old for MONTHS now. Of course his brothers do not belive in Santa and they make it known to their little brother at every turn. They have tried to tell him on several occasions that Santa is not real. My 7-year-old will not hear of it, as he tells the story of how Santa bought him the “Spongebob pj’s with the foots” and there was no possible way that anyone but Santa must have known that.

So as we are driving home this wonderful evening, my wonderful 7-year-old and I get into a discussion on his feelings on Santa and Christmas. It goes something like this:

Son: Mom, does Santa exist?
Mom: What do you think?
Son: Yes, I think he is real because I have seen him invent toys. It would only make sense.
Mom: Well seems like you have it all figured out
Son: Well my brothers don’t believe in Santa, and I think they shouldn’t get anything for Christmas. That’s just plain disrespectful!
Mom: [laughs]

Just another wonderful day in the backseat….

Follow-up to Dog Shopping

We adopted a dog. The kids were so excited. We discovered the dog at the shelter. Just one look and we were hooked. She is a terrier mix and is super friendly.

Just a few things though.. We thought it was a boy, as the paperwork had indicated. Only to find out it is a girl. So our name of Maxamilliion Bucks has now changed to Maximillion Bucks.. Original huh?

Nonetheless, the kids love her to death and she is a wonderful addition to our family.

Lastly, I do want to shout out the Washington Animal Rescue League. This place is amazing. This is one of the best shelters I have seen in a while. Two Thumbs Up!

Confession #1: Dog Shopping

Ok, I have made the decision to buy the family a puppy. I think the kids are old enough to enjoy a family pet and I think my work life lends itself to being available. We have had multiple discussions in our rides to school and home, and have decided as a family that we are ready for this big responsibility. Before I jump into the abyss of searching for a dog, I am not sure what I should be looking for; type, temperament, age, size etc. I will do the necessary research to come up with some viable alternatives, but I think making the actual decision will be the most difficult. Nonetheless, I will keep you posted on our progress as this adventure begins..

New Pilot: Mommy-Cab Confessions

Hey everyone, I thought it would be fun and engaging to start a new format called “Mommy-Cab Confessions”.

Without a doubt a mom’s backseat is where it all takes place; laughing, crying, spitting, hitting, eating and sleeping. I think what prompted this new format was some of the most outrageous comments and banter that come from my backseat. You know of course there will be thought-provoking conversations I will share, as well as some down-right comical moments.

I can’t wait to share and I am sure you will find this to be as entertaining as I do. So, sit-back.. buckle up.. and take a ride with me.